The Colour Conversation


Harlequin hosted an expert panel discussion on colour, where insights into how and why colour impacts us were shared, as well as lifting the lid on how you can use it to create your uniquely perfect room.

The Colour Conversation gathered a host of design minds from various disciplines, to dissect and discuss the emotional power of colour and how it can be used in the home.

Hosted by Harlequin in our Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour showroom, and with a perfect balance of art and science, Claire Vallis, Creative Director at Harlequin, Sophie Robinson stylist, designer and journalist, Kate Watson Smyth, Journalist, and Professor Stephen Westland, gathered in front of an enraptured audience, hosted by Suzanne Imre, to share their insights into how colour and design have influenced them.

“Colour is good, but it means different things for different people.” – Professor Stephen Westland.

Take a look at the highlights from the event, where the esteemed speakers reflect on the simplicity of making good colour choices in the home and the empowerment people can feel from it.

Professor Stephen Westland and Soojin Lee created a specially commissioned whitepaper for Harlequin, exploring the positive power of colour and the importance of colour choices in shaping who we are and how we express ourselves. If you’d like to learn more about their findings, alongside tips of how you can #OWNTHEROOM click here.


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posted on 24 Jun 2022 in Interiors

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