White Paper

Harlequin is on a mission to empower people to express themselves through colour, pattern and design.

In a specially commissioned White Paper, Professors of Colour Science Stephen Westland and Soojin Lee join Harlequin in revealing the importance of colour-choices in shaping, and expressing, who we are. 

Crack your colour code, #OWNTHEROOM

The Key Insight

Colours operate in a complex web that connects the eyes, mind and memory, in a way which impacts us both physically and emotionally. Traditionally, most attention has been paid to our emotional attachment to particular colours, overlooking the importance of colour intensity to physical health, regulating everything from sleep quality to internal temperature. To #OWNTHEROOM, a balance between physically and emotionally nourishing colours must be drawn.

Cracking Your Colour Code

Navigating a world of colour can be tricky. This is no surprise, given that the way colours affect our mood is highly individualised, and varies enormously from person to person. Harlequin’s ‘Own The Room’ Quiz breaks down exactly what you need to bear in mind to get the most out of your space.  

Now... Own the Room

Integrating the key research insights and helping you along your interior design journey, Harlequin’s ‘Own The Room’ Quiz makes personalised recommendations based upon your colour-preferences and individual style: why create someone else’s perfect interior?

Making physical and emotional wellbeing the new interior design philosophy, this innovative tool will lead each person to make informed choices which are truly reflective of their individuality, and can offer the greatest possibility for happiness.

The full White Paper by Professors Westland and Lee is available to read here.

Harlequin Crack Your Colour Code
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