Making a style statement need not mean dousing your home in the brightest shades says interiors journalist Claudia Baillie, as Harlequin’s new nature inspired ‘Renew’ range proves. 


There’s no denying that bold colour and pattern has made a big comeback in interiors in recent years, but while electric hues and intense, enveloping shades may suit some people’s style, a gentler approach to decorating can create subtle impact too. ‘Not every room has to ping with colour to make an impression’ says Claire Greenfield, lead designer at Harlequin. ‘Even if saturated brights are not your thing, combining understated tones with layers of sophisticated pattern can create a quietly confident scheme.’ 


To reflect this, one of Harlequin’s four new collections includes Renew, a selection of elegant, pared-back fabrics and wallpapers that are easy to use, and even easier to live with. ‘Nature was a key source of inspiration for this range’ explains Claire. ‘There are lots of organic influences including under-the-sea motifs such as coral reefs and fish as well as foliage, birds and insects.’ These exquisite patterns are realised in a palette of tinted whites and chalky pastels, including a range of blues reminiscent of the ocean and sky. ‘It’s all about being at one with nature and bringing that feeling into your home’ continues Claire. ‘The effect is serene, airy and a bit ethereal, with a real feeling of calm.’ 


Using the range couldn’t be easier, as all the fabrics and wallpapers are designed to work effortlessly with one another. And if you find a design that you really love, the Harlequin website will suggest the perfect patterns and shades to go with. ‘There is a misconception that neutrals are boring, but the truth is if you combine fabrics and papers in varying tones, the layers will work together to create a wonderfully rich and surprisingly deep scheme’ says Claire ‘Choosing patterns in different scales creates interest too, then if you feel like you want to add an accent colour, there are stronger, inky blues that can be used to highlight a sofa or some cushions for example.’ 


The real beauty of a collection such as Renew is that it offers unlimited flexibility and works equally well in both traditional and contemporary interiors, as well as throughout the whole house. ‘It’s such a versatile look that can be used in living space, bedrooms and even kitchens, and this kind of neutral palette can really help to create a sense of cohesion and flow’ says Claire. ‘What we really want to do with all of our collections is to help people identify their own interior style. You may be confident in what you wear, but less sure about how to translate that personality into your home. These new ranges are all about finding that connection, which in turn can help a really individual and distinctive look.’ 



posted on 10 Jul 2021 by Claudia Baillie

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