A tipple for every mood: World Cocktail Day

Discover your signature look and tantalise your tastebuds with these tempting Harlequin tipples, just in time for World Cocktail Day.


Rewild (with vigour and passion)

Be empowered and appreciate the beauty of boldness with our Rewild-inspired Bloody Mary. A fiery concoction, this is a sure-fire energiser with a hint of spice, just like the flavour and flair you bring to your own bold home style.


For a Bloody Mary you’ll need:

Handful of Ice, 100ml Vodka, 500 ml tomato juice, 1tbsp lemon juice (2 slices to serve), Worcestershire sauce, a few shakes of tabasco, a pinch of salt & black pepper and 2 celery sticks to serve.

For a mocktail Virgin Mary, try this:

Replace Vodka with chopped shallots and horseradish for a fiery kick!

Renew (your positive outlook)

Be inspired by this fruity colour story with our regenerative and uplifting Blueberry Mojito. Jazz up your mood and enhance your style with our nature-inspired palette.


For a Blueberry Mojito you’ll need:

1 ¼ cups of blueberries (plus extra for garnish), 1 lime cut up (+ 1tbsp of the lime juice), sprinkle of sugar, ¼ cup spiced rum, 2tbsp blueberry syrup, club soda, handful of ice, 2 sprigs of mint.

For a Blueberry Mojito, try this:

Simply remove the rum and top with more refreshing soda and blueberries


Retreat (to decadence)

Adapt your style with natural elegance and flair with our Retreat-inspired Rosé Champagne. Enjoy the fizz while you dream of tranquil hues and enchanting prints.


For a Rosé 75 you’ll need:

20ml Dry Gin, 10ml Raspberry syrup, 15ml lemon juice, 105ml Rose Champagne, Raspberry to garnish, edible glitter.

For a Rosé Mocktail, try this:

Swap out the gin & champers for some pink lemonade!

Reflect (on the past)

Enhance and affirm your style and design voice in this fast-paced world with an Old Fashioned. Transitional design based on architectural influences and unique geometric patterns sit perfectly with this classic, nostalgic drink.


For an Old Fashioned you’ll need:

50ml bourbon or Rye whiskey, 5ml 2:1 sugar syrup, 2 dashes Angostura bitters, ice, and orange zest to garnish.

For an Old Fashioned Mocktail, try this:

Use alcohol free Bourbon or Whiskey

posted on 12 May 2022 in Interiors

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