Idyllic | A calming retreat

Explore a fresh interpretation of art with the dream-like side of nature in Idyllic.

Harlequin’s continuing obsession with colour is defined by its latest collection's freshest palette and softest texture.

Hints of femininity, Art Deco influences, and garden-inspired prints are revealed. New patterns meet revisited designs in a collection that delights in small- and mid-scale coordinates and the characteristic Harlequin hues that transport interiors through the Idyllic collection.

Exceptional woven, embroidered, and printed fabrics characterise Idyllic, heightening the modernity of the crisp colour palette through texture and design technique.

Wallpapers present a contemporary take on the natural world through large and small scales, crisp grounds and layers of texture, brought to life in refreshed colours. Hand-painted in the studio, Harlequin’s designers work with palettes that have the power to transform the feeling of a space.

With a palette that balances fresh, graceful tones with more intense colour-drenched designs, Harlequin has created a tactile collection that transports you in a design scheme of immense joy. Ideal for layering in schemes, Idyllic charms with notes of smokey Paprika and Cornflower blue to Clover green and Positano pink.

Idyllic, as a collection, is fresh yet whimsical, indulging in a dream-like mood for interiors. By taking recognisable elements from nature and colour-drenching them, we’ve created an invigorating collection through a fresh take on design.” Flora Daly, Designer at Harlequin.

Step into Idyllic, where new colour combinations, curated by Harlequin, create a calming retreat.

posted on 04 Jul 2024 in Interiors

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