#Owntheroom with Harlequin Colour 3

Journey along the Silk Road on a voyage of design discovery and experience our favourite interpretations of the ancient trading route.

Bringing  the  joy  of  self-expression  into  the  home,  Harlequin  makes  it  easier  than  ever  to  create  a  space  that  represents  who  you  are.   Inspired   by   Silk   Road   treasures,   local   crafts,   enticing   compositions   and   gorgeous   pattern,  Colour  3  is  a  collection  that  sings  of adventure.

Empowering  homeowners  to  think  differently,  stunning    new    fabrics    and    wallpapers    in    a   bold,   confident   palette   share   a   global   traveller   feel.   Beautiful   ethnic   and   Asian   inspired  patterns  work  in  harmony,  alongside  sumptuous  velvets,  contrasting  textures  and  a  handcrafted aesthetic.

Claire  Greenfield,  head  of  design  at  Harlequin  explains,  “The  collection  starts  with  our  hero  design,  ‘Journey  of  Discovery’  -  it’s  a  beautiful  storytelling  piece,  exquisitely  hand  painted  in  our  studio.  Like  a  map  of  the  Silk  Road,  the  design  charts  our  voyage  from  the  Hanging  Gardens  of  Babylon  and  the  Tower  of  Babel  to   geishas,   goddesses   and   emperors,   snow   leopards, giant pandas and the mythical Chinese dragon.   The   collection   includes   a   fantastic   range  of  embroideries  too,  such  as  Khorol,  Kumo  and  Michi,  which  are  all  influenced  by  the  handicrafts  found  along  the  Silk  Road.”

Continuing to champion individuality, Harlequin’s vibrant designs have been carefully edited into four signature ‘looks’ or personalities. Named Rewild, Retreat, Reflect and Renew, so you can find the style that reflects you and create your perfect home.

Which look are you? Start your design story with our fun, interactive Personality Quiz to find the look that’s uniquely yours and start your design journey.


posted on 08 Sep 2022 in Interiors

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