The Art of Living with Diane Hill


Chinoiserie comes to the fore as we celebrate this exquisite Chinese art form, crafted by Diane Hill

As part of our ethos to #OWNTHEROOM, we’ve collaborated with artist Diane Hill to create a beautiful collection of hand-painted chinoiserie designs in a celebration of individuality, new for spring 2022.

From her London studio, Diane Hill’s meteoric rise in popularity has been far from surprising. With lockdown as its instigator, Diane’s talents and love of ancient Chinese design erupted across social media, catching our eye immediately.

Claire Greenfield, lead designer for Harlequin said, “Working with Diane’s unique and colourful hand was hugely exciting. Her artwork really captures the spirit of individuality, introducing a modern take to traditional chinoiserie influences. Owning the room with beautifully painted motifs, Diane encourages homeowners to bring out their personality, by creating a look that represents who they are.”

During the 18th century, Europe’s desire for chinoiserie reached fever pitch, with exquisitely painted silks adorning the walls of high society homes. Exotic and alluring, they were the epitome of luxury and glamour. Utterly bespoke, original chinoiserie wallcoverings were, of course, highly regarded and hugely expensive.   

Diane continues, “I’m absolutely overjoyed to be able to share my design passions with the rest of the world. Chinoiserie is such a beautiful, elevated art form and something I’ve wanted to make more accessible for such a long time. Harlequin has given me the independence to create a range of wallpapers and fabrics that brings out everything that’s been locked inside of me. It’s like an extension of who I am. This opportunity feels very vibrant and uplifting - it’s challenging the limits in terms of colour and style. It’s like creating chinoiserie in a way that’s never been seen before.”

As part of its #OWNTHEROOM series, we have opened the doors to the previously unattainable world of silk art. A real treat for the eyes, gouache paint, and cut traditional brushes enable fine and intricate detail, which has been carefully translated for digital production.

With designs named after pioneering and powerful women that blazed the trail for individuality, this collaboration encourages self-belief and self-expression.

Harlequin believes that our best interiors are created when they reflect who we are. Unreservedly and unapologetically.

Based on the colour science (Harlequin White Paper), the Harlequin Own The Room Quiz, helps you crack your colour code, and create your perfect room.

#OWNTHEROOM at home and take our quiz to discover a style that truly reflects you.


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